How do we put the planet first?

Mobsta have discovered the inconvenient truth: most industry carbon calculators only consider end user device, accounting for just 15% of the total end-to-end emissions generated.

Meaning, as an industry, we’re ignoring the 85% of emissions produced through the housing and distribution of our data. Armed with the knowledge of exactly how many grams of carbon are produced by every digital impression we serve, we now build media plans using an enhanced set of parameters. In addition to audience and format, we activate campaigns using carbon reduction as a fundamental currency in our planning process. So, we curate our media plans to ensure we reach the right audience with the right message, and now with the minimal impact to our planet.

We haven’t increased our CPMs, we haven’t asked agencies and clients to agree new rate cards, or to jump through new hoops. In fact, we’ve quietly been investing in Gold Standard carbon-preventative programmes for every campaign we’ve ran since October 2021 and will continue to do so for every campaign we run forevermore.