How do we put people first?


Mobsta is a Real Living Wage employer and we care deeply about fairness and equality in the workplace.

We scored highly in our B Corp assessment on our policy to pay bonuses to staff even if it harms profit. And we have been listed as great places to work on numerous occasions including Campaign Best Places To Work and Sunday Times Best Places to Work in 2024.

We place a priority on internal promotions where possible, over external recruitment. Where we recruit externally our aim is to create the best access opportunities which are free from bias by working with recruiters such as Pollen.


Mobsta is committed to supporting the wider community and helping our people take an active role.

Each year we set ourselves charity fundraising goals. Instead of picking a single charity to back we select a theme for the year. This creates a diverse charity offering which helps us to support a greater range of communities, charities, and individual giving opportunities.

We also champion volunteering by giving our people time to dedicate to projects, causes and communities they are passionate about. We work with Matchable to encourage volunteering in the workplace by making volunteering engaging and impactful.