Brand Safety Policy

Mobsta Brand Safety Policy

Mobsta is committed to delivering the highest quality campaigns, only ever in brand safe environments. Trust is of absolute priority to us, and we follow the processes outlined below to ensure advertisers  trust us with their campaigns.


Mobsta works with only a small number of select and highly reputable Demand Side Platforms for our fully managed service campaigns, and Supply Side Curation Platforms for campaigns delivered via self-service (PMPs).  All platforms work with HUMAN to filter out all fraudulent and non-human supply.


Exclusion lists

Mobsta has, and regularly maintains, extensive domain and app exclusion lists, which consist of domains that we have deemed inappropriate for advertising.   We apply these exclusion lists to all our campaigns, without exception.

We will always accept bespoke exclusion lists from our clients, which can be applied on a campaign-by-campaign basis or across all activity for an advertiser or media agency by default.


Inclusion lists

We commit to accept and apply inclusion lists of domains and apps, supplied by our clients who wish to curate their own approved publisher lists.  We can supply clients with suggested inclusion lists if requested.


Keyword blocking

We are committed to applying keyword exclusion lists provided by clients to any campaign.


Third party brand safety provisions

For campaigns that are fully managed by Mobsta we apply Double Verify or Integral Ad Science pre bid brand safety segments/rails, which prevent us from bidding on any supply classified as fraudulent or including but not limited to the below categories:

Adult Content, Illegal Downloads, Alcohol, Drugs, Hate speech, Offensive Language, Violence, Crime and Harmful Acts, Terrorism, Arms and Amunition, Gambling, Disaster.

In addition, we can work with Content Verification providers to implement their bespoke segments created for specific advertisers in order to avoid placement within content they deem inappropriate for their brand.


Independent content and viewability verification

Mobsta allows our clients to independently monitor delivery and viewability performance via the implementation of 3rd party vendor tags. We gladly work with those vendors to optimise campaign performance based on their data and encourage clients to ensure we have regular access to that data.


Anti-piracy pledge

Mobsta is committed to combating ad-supported piracy in the advertising industry.  We utilise app lists provided by TAG and the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit to maintain a list of apps we exclude on every campaign, as they have been removed from app stores for infringing intellectual property rights.


Takedown Policy

If Mobsta becomes aware of a Brand Safety violation or ad misplacement, we will take prompt action to block and/or remove the problematic publisher application or domain. The publisher application/domain may be excluded, or the campaign may be paused by Mobsta whilst the relevant parties (Mobsta/client) investigate, based on the nature of the violation.

All take down requests received within business hours (Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm) will be executed within one working day, or within the timescales specified in individual terms and conditions, with best practices for expediting this request as soon as possible. The contractual consequences of not taking down an advertisement in accordance with agency/advertiser request are agreed with Mobsta on a case-by-case basis. Mobsta will fully investigate the cause of the violation and take any necessary actions to prevent a recurrence.

Contact with take down requests or queries.


Industry recognised certifications

We are proud to be certified in the industry programs below.

  • TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) Brand Safety Certified. We hold the seal for Brand Safety Certification, which requires an annual audit of our processes for minimising the risk of advertising misplacement on all types of digital media. We work hard throughout the year to uphold high standards so that we achieve this year after year.
  • IAB Gold Standard. Mobsta are proud supporters of the IAB Gold Standard and are certified to the latest requirements (2.1).

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